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2024 NICE interactions Conference June 10-12 Las Vegas CAPC Summit August 12 and 13 at the Halifax Convention Centre NICE Announces Engage Release 7 NICE Named WFM Market Share Leader

2024 NICE interactions Conference June 10-12 Las Vegas

Xentrax is excited to be attending the 2024 NICE interactions Conference on June 10 through to 12 at the new Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas. Find out more here.

Interactions 2024 is where the future of CX is defined.  Join us NICE Customers across the globe for the largest CX industry event to experience firsthand the latest innovations, insights, expert analysis, and the essential best practices you need to transform your business.  Learn and access the insights from the largest community of global CX experts, just like you.

CAPC Summit August 12 and 13 at the Halifax Convention Centre

Join Xentrax at the 2024 Annual CACP Conference and Trade Show in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Xentrax will be Exhibiting on August 12 to 13 (booth 207), featuring the NICE Evidence Management Software.

CACP, the Canadian Chiefs of Police is dedicated to the support and promotion of efficient law enforcement and to the protection and security of the people of Canada.  The Association is national in character – its interests and concern have relevance to police at all levels including municipal, regional, provincial and federal.

For more information follow this link: 2024 CACP Summit.

NICE Announces Engage Release 7

NICE announced today the release of Engage 7. Engage 7 is an enterprise class contact centre recording solution with quality assurance capabilities and real-time authentication.

Incorporating all recent Engage 6.x developments and more, Engage 7 is a new software version, up-to-date with the latest market requirements. It brings smooth integration into cloud service provider’s data centres and a collection of supported feature enhancements for seamless work-from-home needs, such as reduced screen recording bandwidth consumption, audio loss detection and unified collaboration platform real-time recording integrations.

Engage 7 expands usability and efficiency with broader coverage of resilient recording as well as an extensive technology refresh including the implementation of customer unique feature requests.

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NICE Named WFM Market Share Leader

January 11, 2021 – For the 11th consecutive year, NICE has been named by independent industry analyst firm DMG Consulting LLC as the market share leader for Workforce Management based on the number of seats – which grew 4.1% year over year.  Additionally, the annual Workforce Management Product and Market Report noted that NICE received the highest possible score for overall vendor satisfaction as well as in customer satisfaction for it WFM product.  Of particular note in the report are the perfect scores NICE received from customers on the use of the AI and machine learning to improve processes and/or providing agents with autonomy to self-schedule and self-manage performance.

Focusing on NICE Workforce Management, the DMG Consulting report noted that customers gave NICE top scores across 11 product capabilities of its WFM solution, nine of which were an exact 5.0. The 11 capabilities include:

  • Systemically determine the forecasting/scheduling algorithm or model most likely to produce optimal results,
  • support unique operational requirements of each voice and digital channel
  • identify and support optimal shift/skills mix,
  • support a hybrid workforce (human resources, intelligent virtual agents, robotic process automations)
  • automate real-time intraday management adjustments
  • manage real-time adherence exceptions and shrinkage
  • provide agents with autonomy to self-schedule and self-manage performance
  • create long-term hiring/staffing/training plans
  • provide an intuitive and easy-to-use administration environment for system and user setup, configuration and management
  • support back-office/branch WFM; and
  • use AI and machine learning to improve processes.