Workflow Monitoring and Analysis

Workflow Monitoring and Analysis

Undue effort on the part of your customers in interacting with your organization can have grave results on your Company’s bottom line and faulty and/or poorly executed contact centre processes or malfunctioning tools supporting those processes can be a leading cause for customers’ frustrations.

Today’s call centre agents are required to use multiple workstation applications in handling and processing customer calls. Using those tools effectively and efficiently is essential to driving key performance metrics while making your customer’s experience seamless and painless.

By monitoring agent desktop activities – whether they be in your call centre offices or working from home – you know have precise details on how work is flowing – and when it is not.  With Xentrax’s Desktop Analytics you get the quantifiable data you need to identify training opportunities, devise process improvements and better understand how your agents interact with your desktop applications.

You want your contact centre agents focused on customer satisfaction, not processes.

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