Quality and Performance Management

Quality and Performance Management

Quality-driven contact centres must simplify their agent evaluation processes in order to save time, improve coaching efficiency, and deliver proven bottom-line results.  But Quality Assurance Teams are challenged with impossible job of properly evaluating the quality of service delivery given the volume of interactions occurring in their call centres – they simply do not have enough resources to meet the demands paced on them.

Our Quality and Performance Management Solution helps your QA Teams meet this challenge – targeting evaluations

offers centralized evaluation and analysis that drives contact centre performance across all customer interaction channels by enhancing coaching and eLearning effectiveness, streamlining quality management tasks, and improving scoring consistency.

Our Solutions let you quickly and effectively assess quality-related performance activi­ties so you can identify coaching opportunities sooner and improve the quality of your coaching efforts.  By easily creating and modifying evaluations online, our workforce performance tool eliminates paperwork and greatly reduces the manual steps needed to complete the evaluation process and makes the completion of evaluations simple and relevant to each type of transac­tion monitored using a variety of easy-to-use scoring and navigation features.

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