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Crime solving is about finding the truth, and that hinges on digital evidence.  With digital evidence residing in so many different systems and places, your investigators waste enormous amounts of time searching for, collecting, copying and analyzing it.  Shuttling it from place to place, sharing it or simply trying to make it playable.  They spend so much time on these manual tasks, they have little time left for the job they signed up to do.

NICE Police Digital Evidence Management eliminates these manual processes that slow you investigators down.  So they can put their time to better use….that being solving cases.  Our digital transformation platform leverages integration, analytics and built-in workflows to help you investigators get to the truth faster.  They get the confidence of never overlooking evidence.

NICE Investigate provides a single place to see the truth in a clear, cohesive and indisputable manner.


NICE Investigate is a Microsoft Azure Government cloud-based solution that breaks down information silos and brings all needed information right to the investigator.

Integrate Content from Siloed Data Sources

Evidence gathering no longer a culprit in delayed case resolution

  •  Draw evidence from disjointed systems into a central repository
  •  Effectively crowdsource evidence from security cameras and more
  •  Convert media into standard format for universal, one screen access

Build Better Cases with Big Data Analytics

Investigators become more effective crime solvers

  • Rapidly search and connect all types of evidence, visualize contextually on maps and timelines
  • Uncover hidden insights with powerful correlation engine
  • Take it with you on a smartphone

Securely Share Evidence with Prosecutors

More criminals can be taken off the streets and put behind bars

  • Share hundreds of different evidence items with a few clicks
  • The burden of making physical copies of evidence is removed
  • Comprehensive chain of custody is tracked automatically

Features include:

  • Automated Case Building: Streamlines investigations by automatically finding and depositing digital evidence into case folders; faster process also enables evidence to be disclosed faster, according to deadlines
  • Evidence Connections and Analytics: Finds hidden connections and recommends evidence to investigators.  All evidence is stored digitally, making it easier to establish connections between cases
  • Evidence Sharing: Eliminates reliance on physical media and paper; investigators can share digital case files with the prosecution and others electronically
  • Automated Video & Audio Redaction: Redact sensitive information from video and audio evidence without having to send evidence out to 3rd party or navigating a different system
  • Case Performance Management:  Supervisors can monitor investigative performance and metrics such as quantity of cases by type and status, assigned and shared cases, volume of evidence collected and shared per case and more
  • Community Evidence Crowdsourcing: Facilitates evidence collection from businesses (i.e. CCTV) and citizens from direct requests and public appeals; enables fast and secure evidence uploads by witnesses, with no need to seize their devices


Justice is fundamental to a safe and fair society.  Prosecutors, public defenders, courts all play an important role.

Whether you’re prosecuting cases, defending clients, or administering justice, digital evidence is at the centre of what you do every day.  But as evidence volume and complexity grows, managing it the same old way is bogging you down.  It’s creating inefficiencies and backlogs, and getting in the way of delivering timely justice.

Whatever your role in the justice process, NICE digital evidence system can help you better manage growing volumes of digital evidence and get to the truth faster.

NICE Justice provides a single place to see the truth in a clear, cohesive and indisputable manner.


Capabilities include:

  • Defense: Your clients count on you to be in their corner.  Justice removes the manual processes and worries of managing digital evidence, so you can focus on building a successful defense
  • Prosecutors: Justice gives you everything you need to manage and make sense of digital evidence, build and present compelling cases, cut through backlogs, and meet tough disclosure deadlines
  • Courts: NICE’s digital transformation solutions integrate digital evidence into the flow of your court proceedings.  And can be deployed as part of a shared, region-wide solution to put everyone – law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and courts – on the same page.

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