Xentrax’s Services And Offers Explained


The key to successful deployments is preparation.  Xentrax prepares for each deployment, testing applications in its lab and staging facility under multiple scenarios and telephony platforms before arriving on site.  In order to ensure your deployment is on time and on budget, Xentrax brings a proven implementation methodology comprising of:
      • Certified and experienced Project Management Professionals (PMBOK)
      • Project controls: detailed Statement of Work, (MS) Project Plan, Detailed Site Evaluation
      • Clearly defined milestones supported by regular project meetings
      • In-house testing of applications that replicate customer deployments
      • On-site implementation and customer product training (employing proven Test Plans)
      • Post project assessment review and customer sign-off
      • Wellness visits

Product Training

From the outset of any engagement, we make it our first priority to understand your business and what drives your staff’s success.  We strongly believe that this understanding forms the basis of delivering an effective training program that brings sustainable value.


Xentrax’s Product Professionals are certified to deliver training on behalf of our manufacturing partners and our training methodology is the product of years of operational practice and experience.  It begins with a design workshop that maps our delivery around your business’s strategic and operational objectives as well leveraging the strengths of your staff.  The output of the design workshop is a training plan that is best suited for your business.  Our methodology allows for flexibility that aligns training with your company’s requirements including delivering the training at your site, at our training facility or online.



Xentrax is extremely rigorous in selecting reliable, market leading and flexible technologies for its customers.  However, even the best technology can fail for myriad reasons.  For this reason, Xentrax experts takes great care in designing a solution, comprised of the right technologies that properly align with your Company’s metrics in order to drive the most optimal business success.  Xentrax leverages it decades of experience in developing proven methodologies to deliver successful implementations as well as offer professional service engagements that drive best practices and a fast return on your technology investments after the technology has been implemented.  Contact your sales representative to see how our professionals can:
      • Ensure a fast return on your invenstment in technology
      • Effectively execute on your strategic objective
      • Deliver strategies that provide for a seamless rollout of technologies with minimal disruption to your business
      • Optimize best practices/processes that ensure sustainable value


Xentrax is staffed with veteran engineering professionals certified to deliver both Level 1 and Level 2 remedial support including advanced troubleshooting techniques, regression testing and repair.  Our Support engineers undergo thorough and regular training delivered by our manufacturer partners on the latest release of products.
Xentrax offers flexible maintenance plans including 7 x 24 x 365 designed to go beyond simple break-fix support.  Xentrax’s maintenance plans include preventative support measures that include regular systems check-ups, and customer wellness visits.  Delivering nationwide remote and on-site support, Xentrax tracks all incidences and maintains a knowledge base through our enterprise customer relationship management system.

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