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Xentrax To Be Participating As A Gold Sponsor of GTACC Xentrax Announces Participation in APCO and CITIG 2018 The Canadian Gaming Summit: NEC Facial Recognition

Xentrax To Be Participating As A Gold Sponsor of GTACC

On Thursday, November 8th, 2018, come join Xentrax at Pearson Convention Centre [2638 Steeles Avenue East] in Brampton the Greater Toronto Area’s Contact Centre (GTACC) Association 2018 Conference.  GTACC promises it to be a day of fantastic keynote speakers, interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, lots of networking along with sharing best practices across our industry.  GTACC is planning on delivering a GREAT experience to all who work so hard every day to provide great customer experiences and as a Gold Sponsor, we at Xentrax are proud to be supporting the people that deliver those great experiences.


Xentrax Announces Participation in APCO and CITIG 2018

Xentrax announces participation in 2018 APCO (November 5-8, 2018) and CITIG (December 2-5, 2018) Shows.

Xentrax is excited to be participating in both the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Canada Show and the Canadian Public Safety Interoperability Workshop – CITIG12 Conference.  Xentrax will showcasing its market leading NICE PSAP Interaction Recording solution suite as well as its innovative facial recognition technology powered by NEC.

The APCO Canada show will be held at Le Sheraton Montreal from November 5 to 8, 2018 and CITIG will be held at the downtown Toronto Sheraton Hotel from December 2 to 5, 2018.  Please come visit our APCO booth (booth number 106) and our CITIG booth (booth number 17).

For more information, contact Nick Flaminio at +1 (905) 595-5304 or nickf@xentrax.com.


The Canadian Gaming Summit: NEC Facial Recognition

Xentrax is excited to showcase facial recognition at the Canadian Gaming Summit, June 18-20 at Niagara Falls.  Booths 618 & 625. From casinos to stadiums, mass transit and on city streets, NEC’s NeoFace platform is ideally suited to preserve security anywhere people congregate – protecting the public, enhancing experiences and improving society. Have a unique challenge?  Xentrax’s engineering teams are passionate problem solvers with an eye toward cutting-edge solutions that deliver precise and trusted results. Let us connect you with a problem solver. Come see why NEC’s NeoFace has been ranked #1 in every United States NIST benchmark using sequestered data since 2009.

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