Workforce Optimization & Contact Center Solutions

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Delivering premium customer service is a powerful competitive differentiator in today’s marketplace, which means the performance of your contact centre is crucial to the success of your business and your customer satisfaction.  Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions not only drive performance improvements and operational efficiencies in your people and processes but also powers Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution, and Customer Effort and other key metrics that directly impact company revenues and profitability.

Xentrax workforce optimization offers unified, centrally managed platforms for multichannel interaction analysis, with real-time agent support and contact center performance management capabilities, process automation, customer feedback and analytics that delivers relevant, accessible customer intelligence to the organization.  Our WFO solutions lets you uncover and understand the meaning of your company’s interactions with your customers with the end goal of delivering outstanding customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Workforce Optimization & Contact Centre Solutions


Learn more about the innovative contact centre workforce optimization software solutions and other contact centre solutions offered by the Xentrax team by reading through our most frequently asked questions for further guidance. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our services, contact one of our team members directly by giving us a call or by filling out our online form for more information.

What does workforce optimization mean?

 Workforce optimization (WFO) is a collection of techniques and procedures that strive to enrich worker and corporate efficiency while reducing functional expenses using data collection methods to improve processes. Essentially, the overall objective of workforce optimization (WFO) is to reach corporate success from within your organization, so a business can grow and remain successful long-term. Furthermore, workforce optimization (WFO) extends to all facets of an organization.

 In other words, workforce optimization (WFO) seeks to streamline the procedures between each internal department and worker to optimize outcomes. When these strategies are exhaustively executed, workforce optimization (WFO) diminishes expenditures, enables operation automation, enhances operating efficiency, maximizes technology assets, improves productivity, reduces errors, drives better customer experiences and consequently customer loyalty, and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of every factor of an organization.

 Other advantages to implementing workforce optimization strategies at your business include:

  • Helps lower ownership costs and can also increase return on assets.
  • Conveys incorporated solutions for e-learning and research, which supports streamlined execution oversight.
  • Condenses the learning curve and training costs.
  • Decreases the price of implementing new software applications.
  • Delivers detailed data and research statistics that can employ you with information on diverse aspects of your organization’s operational efficiency.
  • Can enhance employee happiness which will directly boost your company’s employee retention.
  • Increased visibility in your industry, which can enhance customer loyalty and provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Will reduce compliance hazards within your organization.

 At Xentrax, we offer an integrated, centrally controlled platform for:

  • Multichannel interaction analytics
  • Real-time agent assistance/guidance
  • Interaction recording
  • Efficiently allocating personnel to best meet customer demand while enabling employee satisfaction 
  • eLearning and coaching
  • Quality and performance management
  • Front and back office operational automation
  • Customer feedback providing customer intelligence.

 Our workforce optimization solutions enable you to locate and comprehend the significance of your organization’s customer interactions with the ultimate objective of driving profitability through greater efficiencies and better customer experiences.

 Here is a closer look at some of our strategies:

Quality and Performance Management

 Our quality and performance management solutions allow you to evaluate quality-related performance exercises so you can recognize coaching prospects quickly and enhance the quality of your management endeavours. Additionally, it eliminates paperwork by swiftly devising and revising evaluations online. Further, it dramatically lessens the manual actions required to satisfy the evaluation procedure. As such, it makes the completion of evaluations straightforward and appropriate to each type of interaction.

 Customer Feedback

 Our customer feedback solutions can deliver prompt customer feedback and present a direct link between employee performance and customer happiness ratings. It can also provide real-time alerts to trigger final attempted actions to retain customers. Further, it offers a cost-effective choice to third-party surveys to noticeably enhance quality performance as reported by your customers while decreasing the duration and cost obtained by conventional research techniques.

 Interaction Recording

 By recording customer interactions, customer service employees can efficiently document interactions between themselves and customers in order to ensure compliance or identify coaching opportunities.

 eLearning and Coaching

 Our practical training program provides you with the capability to target learning founded on existing quality and performance evaluations. Further, it combines the learning content with the customer exchange and associated performance score to activate the education course.

 Workforce Management

 Your contact centre’s execution ultimately influences your customers’ happiness and loyalty to your organization. Xentrax delivers the mechanisms integrated with our expertise in deploying and using WFM technologies to influence working performances and boost both customer and employee satisfaction and adherence.

 Interaction Analytics

 Interaction analytics can facilitate and manage information so businesses can start to mine complex data accounts for intelligence. This mined data can then be strategically used by your organization’s operational, sales, marketing, finance, and technology departments to reduce operating costs, spotting customer/industry trends while simultaneously maintaining metrics.

 Workflow Monitoring and Analysis

 As an executive manager or director, you’ll want your contact centre agents to concentrate on customer happiness rather than operational processes. With Xentrax’s desktop analytics, you will be able to obtain quantifiable data that will enable you to pinpoint training prospects, develop strategy headways, and better comprehend how your agents engage with your desktop applications.

 Automation and Guidance

 Automation and guidance solutions can help your organization free your employees from repetitious, inefficient procedures. As a result, you’ll gain numerous benefits, including decreased handle time and expenses, improved service level agreements (SLAs) and more satisfied customers and workers. Our solutions deliver real-time contextual recommendations and automation of redundant assignments straight to both front and back office desktops using either or both unattended and attended automation software/bots.

 Does workforce optimization mean layoffs?

 No, layoffs are not an automatic solution with workforce optimization and the majority of the time, layoffs are not the best solutions for workforce optimization implementations. In fact, laying off your existing employees will not assist your company in overcoming competing businesses. By evaluating your employee’s productivity and efficiency when conducting business operations, you can achieve an improved level of employment organization. Thus, pushing ahead of your competitors while enhancing the internal processes of your organization as a whole becomes more viable long-term.

 How can call centre solutions enhance the process of customer service?

 Customers interacting with your call centre agents over the phone creates a singular opportunity to let your customers know at first contact that you are delighted to help them with whatever they need, as using your voice allows you to show the customer that you empathize with them. Customers value engaging with an alert agent who is invested in their experience and who seeks to cultivate an exemplary connection with them. In other words, when personalizing communications, an agent who provides a courteous hello to begin the interaction tailored to the customer can pivot an unfavourable circumstance into a favourable one as it can be assuring and helpful.

 As such, to improve your customer service strategy, your organization’s agents must understand how to:

  • Assume a customer-first company culture that authorizes them to comprehend their target so they can tailor interactions to fit their unique needs.
  • Listen attentively and value their concerns before positively addressing their problems while reinstating what the customer has said to confirm to them that you understand their perspective is essential.
  • Always be respectful and polite when speaking with a customer, regardless of their mood, as it directly affects your brand identity.
  • Improve your processes to enhance resolution experiences.
  • Record interactions for quality control assurance to learn from mistakes and enhance the customer service process

 What features are required in an enterprise call centre solution?

 Solutions for your call centre will take on many various forms. Therefore, it is up to your company to determine what components will aid you in improving your customer service experiences to boost your overall productivity. Here are some of the top solutions you may find beneficial for your call centre:

 Automatic call distribution

 Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a procedure that directs callers to the appropriate individual automatically. This will drastically reduce time wasted and the number of resources you can get callers from the beginning to the end of their experience with your call centre.

 Monitoring and analytics for call centres

 Tools for analytics and call centre monitoring are crucial for call centres. Supervisors and managers can make wise decisions about staffing, employee performance, and training by examining call duration, costs, and other helpful information.

 Call logging

 Supervisors and operators can record and save all of their phone calls as audio files on the server thanks to call recording, which is helpful for compliance, training and oversight.

 Three-way calling and call transfers

 Virtually all contact centres require the ability to transfer a caller to another department or allow access to a third party.

 Contact administration

 With the help of contact management systems, you may categorize and save various calls with the necessary data related to the call file. Due to their ability to give historical records of each call made by a specific account holder, these systems improve customer management.

 The use of telephones on computers

 Desktop computers are used as phone systems in computer telephony integration (CTI) systems. Desktop computers may now do all call-related tasks, including displaying caller information, rerouting calls to other workstations, and managing the phone system, thanks to CTI software packages.

 Desktop Screen recording

 Another method for streamlining and improving a call centre’s performance is understanding how operators leverage their desktop applications when interacting with customers. An operator’s screen can be captured on video thanks to workstation data recording which can then be reviewed to identify both opportunities for agent development or the performance of applications available to agents..

 Voice response that is interactive

 Callers can direct themselves to particular departments using interactive voice response (IVR), which uses voice-recognition software. IVR solutions range in complexity from essential routing functions to complex systems that let users access their accounts. The workload for human operators has decreased since high-end IVR empowers customers to serve themselves.

Live coaching on calls

 Live call coaching enables a manager or trainer to speak with an operator without the caller being able to hear. Systems for live call coaching assist in mentorship and training.

 Performance assessment

 You can find training gaps and places where you might need to create a performance improvement plan by tracking an operator’s performance. Systems for call centres that may measure staff performance can produce reports, graphs, and other types of data.

 Dialer with predictive dialing

 Predictive dialers are helpful for call centres that make many outbound calls;  they allow the program to call an inventory of phone numbers simultaneously. Operators are only connected when someone picks up the phone. Predictive dialer systems can save time and keep operators from having to wait for someone to answer the phone. They also monitor operator availability to ensure no calls are placed when no one is available.

Speech analytics

 Speech analytics is a sophisticated process that analyses customer voices and interactions. Call centres use Speech Analytics to identify customer trends and intelligence.

Technical support

 Before purchasing a call centre system, you should look into 24-hour phone support. This should include around-the-clock live chat support and virtual control where your agents are able to repair problems using a secure remote access point.

 Keep the music playing

 While a customer is on hold, call centre systems should allow agents to play music. Although it may appear insignificant, holding music can help keep a customer on the line while an operator fulfils a request. When there is nothing to pass the time, customers are more likely to hang up and file a complaint.

What is call quality, and how do you monitor it?

 Call quality estimates the efficiency and usefulness of exchanges between customer service agents and patrons. High-quality interactions are ultimately courteous, professional, compassionate, punctual, and practical at solving the issue at hand.

 Implementing high-quality call monitoring enables businesses to investigate and collect data emanated from each customer interaction that occurs in your call centre. 

As such, to guarantee that your call centre is able to deliver noticeable, positive results to enhance customer exchanges over the phone, your call centre must commit to performing the following practices during every moment of their engagement:

  • Ask questions through surveys or have representatives request that customers tell them how they handled their service experience. Your agents can also ask if there was anything they would have changed throughout their encounter and what the possibility is that customers would reach out to your call centre if they ever had further questions or concerns.
  • Listen to interchanges between representatives and customers
  • Take note of feedback that comes straight from your customers
  • Frequently enhance your usable skills and processes by tracking your results to evaluate your overall efficiency.

 Workforce optimization and call centre solutions can help your business remain competitive and successful long term. With years of experience working with businesses to provide optimization solutions tailored to their business needs, Xentrax is a leading provider for software solutions and coaching services that can help you prepare for the future. We work closely with customers to ensure they feel confident in the internal strategies formulated for their business. With our expertise, you’ll be able to notice the differences made within your organization at every corner and at every stage of the process. 

Therefore, if you require workforce optimization and contact centre solutions for your business, speak with a Xentrax representative or contact us using our online form, and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

 The friendly and professional team at Xentrax looks forward to working with you to enhance your business productivity and customer retention.