Omnichannel Call Centre & Interaction Routing

Omni-channel Interaction Routing

Instead of just routing calls and customer journey to individual agents in a queue, Xentrax’s omnichannel Contact Center feature can group agents or employees into teams within each queue.  This allows the automated distribution systems to route incoming customer journey to an agent with the optimal combination of idle time and appropriate skills, while also factoring in customer priority. That means customers always get the most optimized customer experience to tackle their inquiries.

Key features of Omni-Channel Routing

Intelligent Routing – Customers are routed to the right agents (in relevant groups) quickly and effectively. Customers are led through the process easily, whether they are calling through an IVR menu or they reach out via chat.  The Xentrax’s omnichannel contact center use its skills-based, group routing system to send customers to an agent with the highest relevancy and longest idle time.  This provides a higher likelihood that customers will interact with an agent with strengths that will speak to their problem.

Channel Integration – The Xentrax’s omnichannel contact center solution  queue helps agents power through customer interactions, whether they are coming from chat, social media, IVR, or email.  The Solution’s universal queue streamlines the multiple channels customer experience and provides a clearer picture of customer journey by volume, duration, and channel.

Improved Agent Productivity – Blending interactive communication channels means agent resources are being fully optimized. When inbound calls are low, chats can be assigned more efficiently, or outbound calls can be automatically generated for a specified campaign.  When inbound calls pick up again, the dialer dynamically slows the number of outgoing calls to meet the inbound service level.

Consistent Customer Experience Service– If a caller doesn’t get an answer the first time, they can request the same agent upon callback – this provides a streamlined and more personalized customer experience for callers and reduces caller frustration. The system will connect with a relevant agent before automatically calling the customer back.

Enhanced Privacy & PCI Compliance – While many contact center solutions use white noise to reach PCI compliance, Intermedia takes it a step further by using a private data collection IVR with agent connection.  Our routing Solution lets an agent send callers to an IVR so they can enter in their sensitive PCI information (i.e. credit card number) in private.  The agent is kept up to date on the customer data progress through the application, and when input is finished, the call returns to the agent uninterrupted.

System Integration – Xentrax’s omnichannel contact center solution can integrate with the most popular CRM applications, multiple channels platforms, and case management systems. This allows agents to quickly and easily access key information and provide contextual information about each customer.  Customers can seamlessly integrate our powerful IVR system into their contact center functionality, both before and after direct contact with an agent.  Our Solution allows agents to re-route callers to IVR menus and then back again without the caller having to re-dial, and without losing the context of the call.

Business Intelligence – Operating a contact center without leveraging metrics is a sure-fire way to miss the mark with the customer satisfaction.  Using a diverse group of data points, our Solution provides omni-channel multiple interactions metrics that provides an in-depth look into what went right and what requires corrective measures.

User-Friendly & Adaptable – Xentrax’s omnichannel contact center interface is specifically designed for easy setup and navigation—even for non-programmers.  Administrators can create virtually any routing scenario in a few minutes with drag and drop icons.  The easy to use interface means on-the-fly changes can be immediately deployed into our customer data operations, so that they can stay flexible and adapt as needed.

Omnichannel Call Centre & Interaction Routing 

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What is an omnichannel customer service strategy?

An omnichannel contact centre is a type of program software that simplifies your customer interactions by simultaneously modernizing all live available customer service and communication channels. Organizations employ an omnichannel approach to facilitate their functions and enhance the customer experience from start to finish. Communication channels and the aids that support them collaborate as one instead of merely working side by side with one another.

The automated syncing of interactions across channels makes it simple for customer service agents to review the entire chat history before helping the customer. Customers can also choose their favoured form of communication. As a result, this is likely to lead to higher customer satisfaction and a more personalized approach based on each customer’s unique needs. 

For example, regardless of the method of communication, conversations that begin on one messaging platform can be immediately converted to SMS texting, an internet chat, phone call, or another medium and resume where the conversation was left at any point during the customer journey. 

The following are the most widely favoured pathways for Omni – channel cloud customer support centres:

• Web-based conferencing

• Website live chat messaging

• Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony

• Text messaging via SMS

• Messaging on social media 

• Faxing over the internet

• Email

Furthermore, some of the most crucial steps in formulating an omnichannel strategy for any business will begin with mapping the exact journey your customers take from their first point of contact all the way through to the end of their experience when the matter has been resolved. Why? Because it is important that your business understands what exactly the needs are of your customers by placing yourself in their shoes. That way, you can anticipate their needs more efficiently and effectively moving forward. 

As such, once you have done this, you will be able to narrow down what platforms your customers are using most and what channels they will likely want to engage with when interacting with your business. Furthermore, afterward, you will then be able to resolve how you wish to prioritize your omnichannel moving forward. 

Nonetheless, it is important that you ensure your channels are streamlined while balancing automated and human interactions, as that is the key to optimizing your customers’ experiences. It is also important to remember that to optimize your customers’ experiences, you will also need to understand how to seamlessly match the expectations of your customers with the most efficient and effective response. For example, while some responses are more suited for automatic messaging, others are not and require human interaction to resolve. Therefore, it is highly imperative you get this aspect right. 

What is the difference between a multi-channel contact centre and an omnichannel contact centre?

Here is a closer look at the differences between a multi-channel contact centre and an omnichannel contact centre: 

Streamlined integration 

Simply put, the only thing a customer cares about when attempting to contact a company is how quickly and effectively their question or concern will be resolved. Choosing a company with an Omnichannel contact centre ensures a both rapid response and successful  resolution because of the seamless and holistic interaction that is offered by your agents. In contrast, an agent receiving calls in a multi-channel contact centre will be unknowing of any previous encounters a customer might have via other channels in your business. 

In other words, omnichannel assists in making contact centre agents appear as a single point of contact. Agents using a multi-channel will interact with all customer queries as new, separate interactions, which decreases your customer service and lengthens the customer journey, which is unfavourable. 

The inevitable challenge for agents 

While the Omnichannel contact centre makes it possible for seamless communication between many different agents, it can also create a lot of work for them as it allows agents to switch among multiple channels for user satisfaction. With that said, switching is time-consuming. Multi-channel contact centres, on the other hand, classify their agents into different categories. Each is delegated a different channel, which eliminates the need for switching. 

Efficient problem resolutions 

Omnichannel contact centres provide faster resolutions as agents do not have to re-inquire customers’ issues. Agents are already familiar with the customer’s previous interactions and can respond to them as quickly as possible. An agent at a multi-channel contact centre, on the other hand, is initially oblivious of what customers’ needs are and what type of information they require in order to move the process along the customer journey.

A flexible software integration 

Omnichannel contact centres empower customers to communicate with a business representative via any technique they prefer. Customers are not required to provide the same information each time they communicate with an advisor through a separate channel, unlike with a multi-channel integration. This enables customers to treat each channel as a single channel used to push their questions forward in their journey. 

The availability of agents 

An Omnichannel contact centre ensures that a customer is communicated with quickly by an agent regardless of the channel they want to use as their point of contact. In comparison, a multi-channel contact centre is not likely if there is no one available to speak with them on the specific platform they choose, they will have to wait to speak with someone.

Why should businesses invest in omnichannel call centres?

The ability to obtain more meaningful data on customers and their expectations. 

Your company will be able to collect more detailed customer data thanks to omnichannel customer support opportunities. Without it, you can overlook valuable insight and understanding throughout the customer journey from beginning to end, which can lead to missed opportunities.

Increases in your revenue 

With an omnichannel experience, you can provide your customers with a self-service option. Adding the option of self-service points of contact with your business can help guide your customer into making decisions on their own that ultimately benefit your business. For example, making a sale without having to speak directly to your sales department. At the same time, this also allows departments throughout your organization to focus on more significant accounts, which will ultimately lead to more wins for your entire company as a whole. 

Decreases the amount of time it takes to fix problems with your customers

When your organization has an omnichannel approach, customer problems are able to be resolved more efficiently and effectively. As an omnichannel organizational method allows your business to maintain records of all customer interchanges or any purchases, you are then able to provide a tailored experience that is specific to their unique needs. Furthermore, companies can respond to customer inquiries with minimal effort by integrating all customer interactions into a unified experience. And as a result, this will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased advisor efficiency and more positive first contact resolution outcomes.

Streamlined customer experience journey 

Customer service representatives and self-service methods can start where the customer left off in their experience when using an omnichannel support procedure. Furthermore, an omnichannel method allows for more effective sales and marketing activities. In addition, this method can enhance remarketing endeavours to present consumers swiftly while growing income and consumer loyalty.

Increase the productivity and work fulfilment of your customer service representatives 

Customer service representatives will frequently interact with customers with whom they have already interacted through other channels, whether it be phone calls or other online platforms. Agents can quickly obtain intelligence on each consumer and decide which interactions have already happened with omnichannel customer support. The bottom line is that both consumers and employees will profit from a seamless experience across platforms. As a result, this will enhance business representative performance. In addition, this results in higher-quality interactions and less annoyance for both the customer and the worker, improving the working environment for your customer representatives long-term.

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