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However, unlike Schedule I drugs, Schedule B drugs cannot be prescribed for medical use because of the "high-risk" of the drug. Schedule B drugs can even be added to Schedule I as a separate class B drug under their Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Schedule I в Class B Schedule I ScheduleI has the most dangerous side effects; these effects are more likely to occur when they arise from or result from misuse of recreational drugs, such as cocaine: In many countries there exists a high-risk drug (CSA): Cocaine or heroin. In many countries there exists a high-risk drug (CSA): Cocaine or heroin. Class I в Class I Schedule I has some of the more dangerous side effects; these side effects are more likely to occur when they occur in or result from use of medical substances, such as opium, cannabis, amphetamines and cocaine. This list was generated using information from medical reports and other public reports of the Drug Information Administration (DIA) and other sources of the information provided. Click here to get the most up-to-date information and get some guidance. They are most commonly used to treat alcoholism and drug addictions (see Chapter 2 of The Narcotic Myth). The "Psychoactive" drugs (including psychedelics) are considered "psychotic" by their makers. Psychedelics are drugs which cause a person to experience emotional, physiological or psychic changes in the body due to a natural hallucinogen (drug). These changes are so powerful that it makes a person believe that they are experiencing an altered state. Psychedelic drugs also have other, less controlled effects, such as changing the mind or changing reality. Drugs have a powerful, natural and safe effects. The "Psychedelic" drugs (e. Amphetamine Powder Weekly Dose